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December 5, 2012
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Harmony Spectrum by Vexx3 Harmony Spectrum by Vexx3
What is this? Something I'm actually somewhat proud of?

Yes, I know the style is pretty unoriginal, but I always wanted to try it anyways. This was mostly inspired by Break of Reality's album cover for Spectrum of the Sky. With a bit of my own touches, obviously. Playing around with the background colors, I found purple to be a much more welcoming color than blue.

Here was my thought process behind the color scheming:

- Right off the bat, I knew Applejack would get orange, Twilight would get purple, and Fluttershy would get yellow.
- Since red is the closest to pink, I decided Pinkie should be red.
- Since Twilight had purple already, I figured Rarity should have the next closest color, blue.
- Finally, green was the only color left and since RD has a rainbow colored mane, she could have been slotted anywhere.

Also, this beat my personal record for most layers in a wallpaper with 75.

Vector Credits:

Pinkie Pie: Quasdar
Applejack: Emper24
Fluttershy: RegolithX
Rainbow Dash: Fallingferret
Rarity: Kittita
Twilight Sparkle: Austiniousi
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Those colors remind me of the Lantern Corps.
Pretty cool work!
Loving the whole thing! Green works for Rainbow Dash 'cause she's cool as a cucumber and Rarity's cutie mark is blue!
Morningstar-1337 Dec 13, 2012   Digital Artist
I would have gont with blue for Rainbow Dash and green for Rarity. but that may be because Dash has blue fur and Rarity had white leaving her to be shoehorned into that color.
DaNoodleBox Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Cute! :D
Dasher89 Dec 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist

Personally, I would have made Twilight blue, and given purple to Rarity. I mean, Twilight is purple, but she has mostly blue hair, whereas Rarity is just purple and white. I do agree with all the other choices, though. And I think Dash made a good green, since her blue is more aqua. Kind of cyan, which is between blue and green.
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